So what is ENFit?

 ENFit explained video

To improve patient safety, manufacturers of enteral devices were required to change the way enteral feeding sets and syringes connect to feeding tubes. The name of the new connection is ENFit.

Enteral tubing misconnection occurs when enteral devices (feeding bags, tubes or syringes) are connected to non-enteral devices, such as IV lines, urinary catheters and ventilator tubing.

ENFit is the new connection standard, developed by an international group of clinicians, manufacturers and regulators as part of the Stay Connected initiative to prevent tubing misconnections.

So we are now in the middle of the change over from reverse leur to ENFit and although the companies are trying to make it as pain free as possible it is still a headache.

At ward level in Southampton Children’s Hospital, we now have new ENFit Syringes and NG tubes. New ENFit connectors for mini gastrostomy buttons and new ENFit PEG ends. The difficulty is when a child comes in from the community with an old reverse leur NG tube. But we can manage this with adaptors. PEG ends can be changed and new button extensions can be provided.



There are single use adaptors that can be salvaged from the flocare giving sets. These sets only cost the trust 1p. Please use these adaptors and throw them away. We now also have a supply of adaptors with caps. These go on the tube and stay on the tube, these are single patient and don’t need to be thrown away. We have given a supply to the ward but shout if you need some more.

Please bare with us as we all go through this process, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And as last time, for those of you who remember it, we will get through it.


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