INSPIRE Education

Dear All, you may have heard rumblings but it is now official


Time: 12.30

First date: Tuesday 24th January

Venue: Quality Improvement and Innovation Lab.

Inspire education is going to be a weekly education slot run by the consultants. 30 minutes where all staff on G4 leave the ward and learn together. G4 surgery will be covered by the surgical nurse specialists and education team.

A safe environment to ask questions.

Each session will be based around a patient on the ward, we will look at their condition and investigations and the surgery that they have had. This will be a discussion based session not a lecture.

Feel free to bring your lunch or coffee if you wish, it will be very informal.


Future dates:

February: Wednesday 1st, Monday 6th, Wednesday 15th, Monday 20th,

March: Wednesday 1st, Monday 6th, Wednesday 15th, Monday 20th, Wednesday 29th

These dates may alter due to annual leave.


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